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Help!! Im a Newbee

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Hi everyone, I have been given a coin collection many USA, English, New Zealand and assorted coins, these were collected from the 1940's to 1990's by a New Zealand naval officer who saw duty in WWII one of the ships he was on helped sink the Bismark.

I have no idea of the value of these coins, I have read the overview on this forum "US Coin Value Determination Guide" which was very informative, I am now in the process of seperating all on the USA coins and cataloging them by type and year and mint! so hopefully if I upload the list some one may help (hopefully!) me identify possible coins of value which I can set aside for further investigation, photos etc.

Not to mention the English coins!!, they are so confusing some very old ones in that lot.

Great to find such an informative site

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If you need any help with the English coins feel free to email me at clive@historiccoinage.com


A very warm welcome to the forum, :ninja:



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thanks for all of the friendly replies, Ive been doing a crash course in coin collecting and referenced aonly a few posible USA coins (years) that might be worth something but reading the way they are valued they could be worth nothing! depending on condition and where they were minted etc. but using the http://pcgs.com site here is a list of some possible maybe coins


One Cent














the rest of the USA coins are from dates that dont seem to have much value using the pcgs site, I can photograph them and post them if thats ok to identify them.

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