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Col..err...Corina, That is a 6 Tornesi. Can you take a pic of the bust?



In the second period of his Kingdom (July 1799-1806), Ferdinand minted silver piasters with the thousandths 1799, 1800 and 1802, and therefore 1804 (very rare); finally in 1805, he minted an artistic piaster and an half piaster. As concerns copper , he eliminated the 10, 8 and 5 tournois coins and minted 3 and 2 grain coins, i.e. 6 and 4 tournois coins bearing the portrait of the Sovereign, and also the grain of 1800 , the 9, 4 and 3 horses coins.

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Actually, it is from the Kingdom of Naples & Sicily (Two Sicilies), issued under the reign of Ferdinando IV, for use in Naples, listed as KM#96, that type was minted from 1799-1803.



Throws many people astray that does, i believe depending upon the period the coin is from one or other is often missed off. Usually Naples.

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for what it's worth I paid $6 USD recently for the same coin. It looks like it's in similar shape. Here's a link to the page on my website. Nice coin. :ninja:

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Yeah, once you let those red arrows onto the dies they just collapse... :ninja:


Actually the Kingdom had pretty primitive equipment and went through dies quickly. My example is listed as Pagani 18b; there's at least another five or six variants mentioned I think. I do know that one of the first things Joesph Napoleon did upon becoming king of the mainland part of the Two Sicilies was import some French expertise and minting equipment. Murat kept it up but I suspect they had French die-cutters and engravers because when the Bourbons came back in 1815 the quality slipped to the almost cartoonish coins prior to 1806.

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