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Assistance needed from the Russian Language capable


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I now begin my site overhaul and I need some help. The title of the site is "Coimage of Imperial Russia" and what I need is the appropriate translation into russian. Because cyrilic is not easy on the english keyboard, I ask that some one write it down and scan it. Then please post here.


If by chance there is some syntax issue then adjust appropriately. If the revolution of 1917 cuased a stylistic change (alphabet modernization) then if possible display as it would appear prior to the revolution.


Thank You.

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Thank You All


My redesign will now begin.


Present plan is to have my russian coins and associated coins (poland, finland, georgia)

Next there will be my jetons (jettons, jetttons) and finally my few medals including my marriage "ruble" which has latin letter engraver and therefore a medal.


I will include my library listing and auction catalogs.


The content will be like my present site but a little reorganization can't hurt. Also, my web page quota has grown from 100 meg to 4 gig.

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