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[Topic Ended, please move]Pennies!!

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A Local dealer had a great price so I as able to pick these up, but thank you guys for offering, I'll keep you in mind when I need more to search :ninja:


Hi everybody!


This is what I'm looking for:


I would prefer unopened rolls, but as long as they are unsearched (I'll take your word for it) I'll accept.


Rolls of Wheat Cents: $2.00

Rolls of Coppers: $1.50


Let me know what you've got.

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I have a lot of copper, how many do you want?


Two should be plenty for the coppers. are they unopened unsearched? If they aren't unopened are they in pretty good condition?

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These are just copper cents. As I get them I throw them in a pitcher, when I get motivated I roll them up and put them in a canvas bag. They will range from 1959 to 1981 as I do not bother figuring out which 1982s are copper. So, in a sense they have been searched (otherwise how would I know they were copper), but I have not looked for specific mintmarks, varieties etc.

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