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Netherlands 1606 Zeeland Gold Rider 1966 Reissue


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The coin weighs 12 grams of .983 gold and is rather large at 39mm. I have found two of these over the years, and only two. It is not listed in any catalog (yet) and I am still wondering why.


The first one I bought from an Australian seller who described it as a ZEELAND CAVALIER D'OR and added:


"Ref: KM18 (Cat. Value XF $1,150). Restrike of the 1606 coin (Friedberg # 123). I have not found any reference to this restrike in catalogues. Has dates “19" and “66” to the left and the right of the shield below the horse. A slight crinkle, otherwise XF condition."


This is the coin that is pictured. I would grade it XF or better.


Years later I found another in MS or PROOF condition from a trusted Dutch seller who described it as such:


"Netherlands gold rider of 14 guilders of the province of Zeeland. The coin was official restruck as a commemorative with the year 1966. The original pieces were found in the big hoard in Serooskerke (1966) and were dated 1606. The coin is 983/1000 gold and the weight is 11.93 grams. Quality: Proof"


I sold the XF example years ago for $300 when gold was less than $500 an ounce. Wish I had kept it but I'm not rich and have to sell coins to afford new ones.


Does anyone have any additional info about this gorgeous piece? Why have Krause and Friedberg both ignored it considering it was minted in 1966, over 42 years ago? Are they really that busy?

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My guess is that they tend to ignore this as a restrike, but I caution that it may be listed in the Unusual Coins of the World, where numerous pieces like some of the Austrian restrikes, Aureaus Magnus pieces from Germany etc. are listed. If it is listed in there I am sure the prices are way out of date though.


It is a very nice piece, very well done.

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I wonder how many were minted?


Probably not that many, or you would see more offered on eBay now that gold is pushing $1000.

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