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Looking for some help, please....


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Hello everyone!

After my grandad died 3 years ago, he left me a big collection of old ancient coins. Most of them are romans, macedonians and some turkish! I think that collection is pretty valuable, but wish of my grandad was not to sell it and to keep in family! And, as I can afford nice living, Im about to keep my promise!


But I think that his collection deserve some cleaning since the last time it was cleaned was about 10 years ago!

I wanna take care of them and do what ever it takes to keep coins in "good condition"!

I remember as a kid that my grandad was using animal (pig) fat to clean them! I think that time has passed and that method isnt in use anymore!


So please! Tell me how to clean my coins!? And is there any special treatment that I should use except cleaning them!


Thank you very much!


I'll try to take pictures soon of everyone of them and share some opinion with other numismatics, so I hope we'll have a nice time together!

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You can use acetone.


So....I can use aceton on every coin, no matter from which material they are?!


How often I should clear them?


Is there any other treatment for coins.....for example to make them shine more or something like that?!


Im sorry if my questions are stupid.....but like I said....Im totaly beginer, and everything is new to me! Also, I dont wanna make some mistake and make some damage on coins!



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Acetone is for removal of (pig) fat if the coins are still slicky. And distilled water. Nothing else. Let the coins how they are, you cannot improve the quality, only to reduce it if you try to clean them!

Yes, leave the coins as they are

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