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Big Hello From Montreal

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Hi to all new member and old one to.

My name is Andre i'm from Montreal.Quebec.I joined this forum in December 27-2006,my main interest is Silver Dollar and Bank Notes.


I am also in the process of starting a new collection of world wide bank notes,i find most of these note very attractive.


Under my nick name you will find both of my collection: coins and papers monney,have a look at it and leave me commnent if you like to do so.


This forum has alots topics that come to help ther members,i spend lots of time looking at them and sometimes finds new interesting subject that help me understanding the numismatic.


I'm not an expert on grading coins but i'm sure that there is many of you that will help me and others members on this subject.


Again nice to be part of this furum and thank you to the administrator of this furum for giving us the pleasure of sharing one of the best Hobby:



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