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Jeffersons 1976S US Nickle

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Hey Andre, I may be mistaken but I think that's just a late stage die.


I'm trying to get a better picture of it the last picture was taken with the camera and a magnifier,if i look at the coin under microscope 20x the top part of the S look filled

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Hi Andre,


I just now checked my 76s proof Jefferson and it looks to be a nearly perfect match to yours.

The Red Book does not reference a 'Type I or TypeII' for this model, and did not find a 'space' for it in my new Dansco Jefferson including Proofs album.


I know there are more filled S's out there in the different denominations that have the Type I and Type II designation. Maybe ours just hasn't been discovered by the upper echelon of professional attributionists.


It is a great looking coin!



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