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What did I just buy?


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If it is a seal, i think its purpose was to seal letters. In Old times, The letter or document was put in an envelope. then a blob of hot wax is dripped on the closure, and while the wax is still soft, a seal is impressed into the wax. If the seal is cracked or missing, then the recipient knows the letter was tampered with before it reached him or her. I dont know if this is what you bought, they usually have a wood handle, like rubber stamp of modern times, or worn as a ring. I dont know if they are typicaly incuse or not. Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks, I know they also had lead seals, I bought one in the past. That was an actual seal - not the stamp to seal wax. It didn't look anything like this one though. Gaidukov has a whole book on seals, but I don't have it with me. Some older wire coinage carries the design of the prince's seal as well. This type of eagle looks a lot like the one on 1730' and 40's denga's. Most eagles that I've seen from the pre-imperial period had wings pointing down.


Another oddity I guess.

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