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Final closeout sale of Gallery Mint Museum stock

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Dr. Lawrence J. Lee, who ran Striker Token and Medal after the demise of the Gallery Mint Museum, currently has a closeout sale underway of the remaining stock of original Gallery Mint Museum products, including many archived pieces.


At this point, Dr. Lee has online offerings of Ron Landis' Concept dollars which have been very popular with collectors, a section of ancient reproductions and one of colonial coin reproductions.


The Concept dollars run the gamut of issues between 1995-2000, when Gallery Mint Museum chief engraver, Ron Landis, made prototype designs as a replacement concept for the old Susan B. Anthony dollars. Some of the Concept dollars on sale are extremely low mintage and very desirable. These are the equivalent of modern day patterns.


In the ancient coin reproductions section there are various sized Athenian drachmas and a Roman Eid Mar (Ides of March) reproduction. Also of interest are a large number of hand hammered Youth/Pegasus fantasy coins struck in pewter in the ancient Greek-style of minting


In the colonial coin reproductions section there are Fugio cents, Bar cents, Continental Currency dollars in various metals and numerous dates for New Jersey coppers.


Slated to appear next are US copper coin reproductions, including half cents and large cents.


This is an opportunity not to be missed! And in the near future Dr. Lee will add even more categories of closeout items, which are sure to pique your interest. Please visit his website for details:


Dr. Lawrence J. Lee

Professional Numismatist





BTW - For more facts about the Concept dollars, there is an overview on their history at the following website:

The Gallery Mint's "One Concept" Dollars


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