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circulated wheat cents

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I don't sell wheats, but I do hoard everyone I find.


Coin digest 2007 has the lowest price for a wheat as 10 cents. So if a dealer got it at 5 cents he could sell it at dobble what he payed for it. Not bad.

I hoard all my wheatie's and S' cent's as well as canadian! :ninja:

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I haven't sold any in a long long time. The last bunch of wheaties I purchased I paid something like 5 cents each. Watch the for sale section I'll be selling some soon.

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I have several lovely wheats that I will enjoy posting as soon as I get photos.

Is there a special location to post Indian Head cents?


There are a number of threads with Indian Head Cents - you could add to one of those. Or you could start your own thread - maybe something like "The Freak's IHCs". Can't wait to see them. I love IHCs.

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