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2008 New York International Coin Fair


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My 2008 trip to the New York International Coin Show contained a few changes compared to my previous trips. Most importantly I would not be able to run into fellow Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club member Elwood Rafn. Elwood had to miss his first show in thirtythree years due to health concerns. He was missed by many on the bourse. The second change for me was that I was looking to sell more than buy. My collecting activities are coming into sharper focus and I have also commited to primarily building my library over the next few years.

I arrived at the show early Friday afternoon. Floor traffic on the bourse was good and the people I spoke with were upbeat. I quickly ran into the Antonellos, more fellow club members, on the bourse and behind them stood Wayne Sayles. All you ACCG members out there look for election information for the ACCG board coming soon.

The process of selling did prove to be tiring. The dealers were all very responsive and completely professional. Personally the repetition of the dance, the offer and counter offer, analyzing prospects, is something I found a little draining. Nevertheless by the end of the night I had decided to accept an offer from Harlan J Berk.

Having taken care of the business side I spent Friday evening with another club member, John Haer. He had picked up two more nice Larissa drachms for his collection. John is also contributing some material to an upcoming web site detailing research into the Larissa drachms by Catherine Lorber. John and I headed out for some dinner and a walk around mid-town. Upon returning to the hotel I checked my one bid in the Gemini sale. It was for Rogers' Copper Coinage of Thessaly. Bringing $850 on an estimate of $250 I was not successful. For that particular work the price is incredibly strong. I also heard first hand about the success in Triton of the labors of Hercules and other mythological types. Since those types are unliely to surface again any time soon the prices may turn out to be bargains.

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Sounds like it was a good show! I'm glad you sold a bit and regarding the Gemini sale you win some and you lose some as they say.


Kindest Regards,



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