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Altona Notgeld (german)


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okay, this is going to be the next batch I am going to be posting...I havent even TRIED to translate these. Probably in a few days...but I thought I would post them now just in case people have anything to say about them. I usualy translate each bill as much as possible then give a little history of the town. These seem to be social every day life scenes.











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The dogs are funny. :ninja: Those notgeld bills are from Altona which was a city (Stadt) at that time and is now part of the city and state of Hamburg (since 1938). As for translations, well, the first three have the "usual" text elements - valid until etc. The last two have humorous mini-poems in Platt (Low German):


Whether national, or social,

whether people's party, or democrat,

that does, as a citizen, not matter -

help strongly/firmly our Magistrat (ie. city council).


The people who know everything better

are usually not in the Magistrat.

They sit at the table of regulars (ie. do armchair or bar politics),

because that is significantly easier.



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