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Just got my 1846 Rouble...opinions please


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I just got it in the mail this morning and haven't taken it out of the plastic yet.

The pictures are a little dark, but I wanted to show the proof like fields.

When I get back home I will post more pictures.

Tell me what you think and maybe a grade guess.



It looks OK to me. I do not see hairlines indicating cleaning.


Prooflike fields and needle-sharp strikes are normal for this type (but not earlier types).


Grade? I would say at least AU, possibly better.

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Congrats, I would swear that the coin was cleaned, but I guess PCGS knows better.




I don't see any cleaned signs on the pictures.

So you got about 2-2.5k worth coin for Great price, Congratulation!






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There is a a better grade is on sale now on Ebay # 150225938392


1 Ruble 1846 MS64 :ninja:


Any opinions how much this one might cost? ;)

It's now $1,821.50 with 3½ days to go.


I'll guess $2500-up and it will sell to a buyer in Russia. ;)

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Well, I received my True View images.

They look very nice. It shows the colors very well.

but it doesn't show the proof like surfaces.

I'm still happy as can be ;)


Congratulations on owning such a nice coin (and also on your success with the slabbing adventure)! :ninja:

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