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Canadian Commemorative silver dollars

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Ok, I recently picked up a group of Canadian commemorative silver dollars, so I thought I'd offer them here if anyone is interested. Shipping will be $2 for the first coin and 50c for each additional coin to the USA, shipping will be higher internationally. I accept cash, checks or Paypal. PM me or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks!


All coins are 0.500 fine silver and contain 0.375 oz pure silver, except the 1993 Stanley Cup, which is 0.925 fine silver.


1975 Calgary (I believe it's Unc but very much PL): SOLD

1982 Regina Proof (nice cameo): $9

1983 Edmonton unc: $6.50

1983 Edmonton proof: SOLD

1985 National Parks proof: SOLD

1987 Davis Strait unc: SOLD

1993 Stanley Cup proof: SOLD


Photos are available on request.

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