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Last year I bid on a 5 rouble coin, 1801, won it and mailed a certified check to the seller. When bidding, I looked a the sellers previous sales, feedback rating (only 50 transactions, but 100% and some pretty expensives coins) and everything appeared to be fine. At the same time this seller also had two other, higher end pieces for sale, which (lucky for me) I watched but bidding went out of sight.


When I asked the seller a question, I got a quick reply, and again, everything seemed fine. After the auction this seller contacted me through eBay, but the check was to go to Philly, when the seller's info on Ebay originally said North Carolina.


Well.....coin never arrived, seller left eBay, and I lost about $1,100. The two others lost about $8-9,000.


I made a police report locally, reported to eBay (joke) and to an Internet Fraud site.


I have the persons name and address........is it worth going to Philly and reporting it locally, small claims court, etc.


Originally I did want to pay this person a face to face visit, but assumed this would not end up well.


Views. :ninja:

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