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How much is a 2007 Vatican €2 worth?


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This might help, http://cgi.ebay.com/VATICAN-CITY-2-EURO-20...0QQcmdZViewItem


I should think that Tabbs would be the best person to ask.

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Hard to tell ... The UFN does not sell any loose coins; the regular €2 coin 2007 was part of the annual folder (eight-coin set), and the €2 commem (see the previous reply) came in some kind of coin card. The 2007 set currently costs between 80 and 90 euro here (2008 eBay stats: http://www.silvas.de/2008Vatikanstgl.htm), the €2 commem should be around 40 euro, maybe a little less. For a loose coin expect to get less than that, as some coin collectors seem to be box/sleeve/certificate collectors too. :ninja:



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