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Oh Brother...'54s&'57d cents...


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ok, let me see if I got this right.


For Sell two pennies that look something like the one picutred except for the date, mint and grade. No picture because my camera sux and oh by the way, let's start the bidding at below mintage. And if you don't belive me go to this web site.


serious collectors only!! (No stupid questions)


I'm putting my bid as soon as I stop laughing.



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The word 'fool' comes to mind. But who's more stupid the seller or any buyers that stumble upon it... ?


See if we can't confuse the poor dear chap, lets explain survival rates to him and that his coins are even rarer as the full mintage will no longer be intact! :ninja:

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looks like the auction has been closed, but without even seeing it this sounds like the dumbest thing to ever hit numismatics.. or earth for that matter


where do these people come from and why hasn't evolution helped them along like everyone else


There's all types...

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