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cent/dime mule....okey dokey


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Some people dont knwo what they are selling and try to sell high...


Some people do..




Thats a Buffalo head with a wheat reverse. Maybe this is the Buffalo Cent that Blackhawk speaks of :ninja:


It is quite interesting. Very thin.



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I'm confussed, does this coin have four sides?


Coin has tail of penny on one side and tail of dime on the other.  Flipside of coin(head of penny on one side, head of dime on the other)


If you going to tell a tall tail at least get it straight,



you misread th listing. The listed coin is T/T, and he is comparing his coin to another coin that was supposedly a H/H that sold for 140K.


The guy is still nuts for wasting his listing fees like that, but that should help it make a little more sense to you.

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