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Repunched date


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Yes. Many valuebal errors come from useing the still good last years dies. They change the date ( and or mm) but do a sloppy job. Thats why we have things like repunched mint marks ( RPM) and over date and mint marks. If you want to learn more about any mint error learn about the minting process.

The basic way to give a general error type is to use the P,D,S, system. It stands for Planchet, Die, and Strike. If it is a RPM or like coin it is cald a varity ( a die varity).


As you can see I like error coins.

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I've seen several coins listed on ebay as having a repunched date. What does this mean?


Hey bandit,

I haven't been doing this collecting for very long myself.

One of the things I did when I started out was to seek out sites that show coins in different states of mintage.

There is one site you should check, coppercoins.com , which has a lot of great pictures of the mint-caused

Lincoln cent errors.

I still go to the site frequently to check on the coins I find with errors to see if Mr. Daughtrey has the coin listed and what the attribution is for the coin.

There are many other sites to check, and many books available to buy.


Most of all, have fun learning and enjoying the hunt!



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