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French jeton with czech engraving!!!

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Hello together,

i have found this token on ebay , looks a little strange to me with this gravure ! What do you say about it?



I haven't a clue as to what the engraving is all about, but I do know that it hasn't done anything for the original jeton by way of being an `enhancement'.


The reverse of the original jeton depicts the consecration of King Louis XV at Rheims, France in 1722. These jetons were issued in laiton (yellow copper, also known as `brass'), silvered laiton, and also .93 silver. The laiton ones are readily available in decent grades at affordable prices (usually under $15). The reverses were common to all metal types but there are different known bust varieties.


Here's one that I have in silver. It will at least give you an idea of what the engraving has obliterated.



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Here is a token I have along the same theme. Its much rougher than the one posted above.




It looks to me to be a Nuremberg type jeton. Although dated 1723, the bust of Louis XV is more like he would have looked in the 1750's, which is probably more likely when it was produced.



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