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Just wanted to Introduce Myself

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Hello Everyone,



Hello :ninja:

My name is Rick. Some of you may know me from another fourm Coin Talk where I go by RickieB!


As my user name suggest "Rickie" is the proper spelling for the female version of Rick, however, it was a nickname given me by my Wife as she loved a cartoon character named "Rickie-Ticki-Tavi" so I became RickieB..LOL (just wanted to get that out of the way).


I am and have been an avid collector since the early to mid 1980's and collected mostly gold, silver and platinum coins up until 2005-2006 when I moved into paper money as well. I am focused on putting together a set of New York notes from Series 1914 thru present including Stars in denominations from $1 thru-$500.00 in CHCU or better! Yep I am picky..but I have at least 2 notes below that condition currently.


I have posted a link to my notes and as you can tell I have just started. I hope to have a pleasant experience here as I have at CT...there are some fine people over there as well.


Regards to all...



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A warm welcome RickieB from Clive over the pond, you'll enjoy it here at CP!


The users here are truly great, you'll settle in just fine.



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Hello RickieB. Glad that you stopped in and decided to stay. It's a great place.


If I recall you have a collection of Railroad Notes in the works, did you see the CoinWorld piece a few weeks ago on Railroad notes?

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Thanks everyone for the Welcome....


I appreciate it very much!



Scottish Money....very nice collection of 1862 Notes and the Nationals as well.....I have several large size note in the collection but focus on the set of New York Notes from $1 thru $500 (have none of those yet) including stars.

also collect Railroad Obsoletes as noted by Mr. Procrastination......


Click the banknotebank link to see the collection thus far!


Thanks again...





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