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Around the world with...

Johnny 1989

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...George VI. Unfortunately I don't have near as many coins from around the world for Georgie (most of his I have are either Australian, Canadian or Indian) but I thought you may be interested in these anyway:




George V later tonight :ninja:


New image uploaded to include Jersey & a new image for East Africa

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A lovely collection, interesting to see how far you can go back! :ninja:




Thanks, my faves are India & the UK on that image


I can go as far back as George III but I only have 1 coin for him (Ireland) same for George IV & as for Edward VIII just 1 coin from India. None at all for William IV to date. I have quite a few for Victoria though. Edward VIII I have quite a few but they're all patterns, I can post them if anyone's interested?

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I know I for one would like to see the Victorian coins, and the Edward VIII pattern coins. This is so interesting! Is there any place that has listed the various coins with the different monarchs on them by country?


On their way, however looking at my small amount for Victoria two of them are poor examples. Never-the-less I will post what I have

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