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Need some ID help on a Chinese note


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I can't find it in either the general or specialized catalogs. I searched good and hard too. But...


I found this Link which I hope you will be happy about. A 1358 dollar note is pretty cool!


Another link described it and said it was unlisted - which I think we kinda' knew already through experience.


Great note! How'd you wind up with it?

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All I could find was an auction listing with the note saying it is unlisted:


The Sin Chun Bank of China(China’s first savings bank founded in 1906): $1, $5 and $10, Year 33 without serial numbers (not listed in Pick or S/M). The $1 and $5

uncirculated, the $10 choice about uncirculated. Estimate: US$1,100-1,300

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Wow, I've never seen anything like that before. Typically speaking, most pre-republican circulation notes are valued in low hundreds figures for mid-grade common stuff from the main banks, and more for those from smaller issuers.

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My name is Low, and I am new to this forum.


This is a 1907 5 Yuan note issued by 華商上海信成銀行 (a private bank started in 28th April, 1906). This 5 Yuan note is rare, and in recent auction in China, fetched nearly USD 1000. :ninja:


Do take good care of this rare note.

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