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Just started collecting, new to omnicoin, is this ok?


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Can anyone check my collection on omnicoin? Am I doing everything right? specifically the descriptions and the condition (good? very good? whats the difference?)


I really just fell into this hobby after stashing a few of the £2 and 50p's, then some banknotes, and recently I found a stash of old coins and notes around the house (the British of which I have just finished uploading).




Oh and can anyone tell me about the three pence? I know the hole isn't supposed to be there, but what is it made of?



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That is a silver Threepence, odd for it to be pierced as not valuable!


A nice collection of modern Decimal and pre-Decimal coinage, everything appears to be in order. Coins in the UK are generally graded in 4 groups, Fine = Quite a bit of wear but legends visible, Very Fine = Some wear but all features visible, Extremely Fine = Minimal wear, sharp detail and then Uncirculated = Does what it says on the tin, not been circulated or no signs of circulation. Pristine condition.


Most of your pre-Decimal coins are F to EF whereas your bi-metallic £2 coins are VF.


Looks like you've caught the collecting bug! Good luck!






Feel free to email me at clive@historiccoinage.com if you have any queries.

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