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Which series produces the best toned coins?

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I was just browsing through Heritage auction lots and a nice trime caught my eye. I'm not usually a big fan of toned coins but sometimes they're too pretty to not give a second glance at. Similar coins in this year's PCI also have equally marvelous toning.


I realized that trimes and other small silver coinage of this period often has some wonderful toning. Maybe its their age. But it got me thinking, which series tends to have the best toned coins?


I've seen a lot of nicely toned coins from the 1860's and 70s. My vote is for the trimes. The votes not just based on these nice coins but over lots of browsing. I think the star on coin complements a nice even tone that changes color radially.


Other nice examples are found at these two PCI pages: gpnyc

gpnyc and auldfarte

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I would say something but I'd be no use regarding American coins.


I look forward to reading a reply soon!


I want to hear about other nations and eras too!

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From experience the 1887 Silver coinage of Queen Victoria is often toned, might be to do with the method of production.


Here's one of mine:




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Yes, but it is thought that the 1887 had a different finish applied to it during production making it more prone to toning...

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Not a single reply? Is it something I sad? :ninja:


Aw gee, don't feel bad. I haven't had much time to read or post much on the net. So.... when I read your sad tale I decided to send this picture (I had posted it here a long time ago) of a Lincoln I found a longer time ago.



The reverse is just as pretty.


What do you think about this one? (and, no, I did not tone this coin myself)... ;)



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I don't specifically collect toned coins but if a nice one comes along and will fit into one of my collections then I'll buy it at the right price, but the florin is lovely... :ninja:


- Clive.

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Tough question, especially since each collector has their own opinions, and I've seen beautifully toned examples of practically every US and British series.

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