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British Coin Values - 1890 to 1910


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I've been organizing my coins from Great Britain and it's gotten me to wondering about the relative value of coins in terms of US equivalents from the same period of time. It seems to me that Pennys and Half-Pennys were heavily circulated and so many of mine are worn almost flat. My 3d are certainly circulated but much more gently. When I move to the 6d from that timeframe they are also heavily circulated and worn significantly. I realize this is not scientific sampling by any stretch. It just makes me wonder, what were the equivalent US coins of the time.


As an example --


1900 Penny = six cents US? (just a guess)


Does anyone know where I can find a table that will tell me the conversions for that period of time?

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This is from an English hotel ca. 1914


They show the penny worth about 2¢



Thank you. That's exactly what I was seeking. Just trying to understand how the coins stackup against their US counterparts for common usage.

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