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National Bank of Poland mints new collectors coins


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The National Bank of Poland (NBP) introduces three new coins with writer Joseph Conrad (born as Konrad Korzeniowski) on Thursday, informs Radio News Agency (IAR).


The new 200 zloty coin is made of gold in 8200 copies. The reverse bears the ship “Otago” that was once under young Joseph Conrad’s command, sailing through waves in the shape of an open book.


The silver 10 zloty coin shows the same three-mast ship “Otago” and its reflection in the water against an overcast sky on the reverse. 59,000 silver 10 zloty coins have been minted.


The third coin minted in the number of 990 thousand is made of Nordic Gold alloy and shows Conrad’s image, his signature, “Otago” again and an open book.


The coins are available in all Regional Branches of the National Bank of Poland and selected numismatic shops from Thursday.



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