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My early Christmas present


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If you remember my posts:


Sailor Jean and Colonial Jack


I was working on article at the time that was later accepted by the Numismatist. I haven't received the printed copies as yet (I knew it would be in the January 2008 issue), but I learned today that it is the cover story. I could not have asked for more for Christmas. Check it out at Money.org, the ANA's website. Just click on the cover on the home page and you will go to the Numismatist link that also features a pdf link to the article itself.


By the way, if you are not an ANA member, I recommend joining.

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Congratulations Bill, an interesting topic!


I have a few articles up my sleeve for the BNS (British Numismatic Society). Might have them published in the new year.


Merry Christmas,



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