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Any British hammered coins that you want to part with?


I am interested in any British hammered coinage, preferably anything pre-1400.



Good prices paid! :ninja:





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I like a few Alexander III... :ninja:


Nemo Me Impune Lascesset
St. Andrew I believe? "No one will taunt me with impunity."
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When it comes to hammered both yeoldecollector and scottishmoney are leagues ahead of me, but I thought for the less experienced (since I am a bit bored) I would highlight where to look for when your looking for the kings name and the mints name.


Obverse (Edward)




Reverse (London)



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Obverse of this penny reads: +EDW REX ANGL DNS HYB = Edward King of England and Lord of Ireland


Reverse of this penny reads: CIVI TAS LON DON = City of London


The details on crown and breast can divide them into classes and different legends reveal different mints, monarchs and even countries as they were some continental coins and Irish ones too.


Many thanks Hus.


I'm still on the look out for any English/Irish hammered, let me know what you've got!



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