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Modern Commem Display

slowly but surely

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Hi guys, it's been a while - I've moved cross country, passed the bar, and am glad to be back on CP!


I wanted to share my new display of my modern US commemoratives. I can see the (s) mint from my deck, so I figured I really needed to get at least the 2006 "Granite Lady" Mint Commem. on display.


I got the shadow box from Pottery Barn. It had a khaki backing that didn't set off the coins too well, so I lined it with a dark blue-ish velvet. I didn't like the look of a bunch of shinny pins all over the place, so I bought some black nail polish (not my proudest moment) and painted all the pins. They blend in much better now.


Sorry my photo isn't very good, but you generally get the picture.


Did I do anything here that you think might damage the coins? They are all still in their original mint capsules. I figure the nail polish on the pins is safe - I've read about clear polish being used directly on coins, and all it takes is some acetone/nail polish remover to get it off. Advice is welcome.

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