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I love the new year


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Speaking of the new year and the smell of zinc...


The 100th anniversary of the Lincoln cent is coming up in 2009, with 4 circulating commemorative Lincoln cents. Then in 2010 comes a whole new redesign.


So after you empty out your xmas stockings be sure to stuff them full of pennies. Only one year of hoarding to go.


(and someone be sure to find us some images of the new cents as soon as they're released!)

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I went to the Mint website and they say that they're selling the "2007 silver eagle uncirculated" coin now and shipping will start January 31, 2008....




Do you think they meant the 2008 silver eagle?


I've been watching this because I was considering an eagle coin and this is the 2007 coin. I think what is happening is the US Mint is selling out of the ones they produced very quickly. I did see for a couple of days that this coin was available. If you want the 2007 uncirculated coin I would say order it now. The mint could stop the sale of these at any time. For less than $10 more though you could just get a 2007 proof, which is currently available. Also, I want to add that I read somewhere that the price of the silver coins is going up a couple of dollars in 2008 so it is cheaper to purchase a 2007 silver eagle (actually should be cheaper for the silver and gold coins as I saw somewhere on the US Mint's site that the they were readjusting prices on it's gold coins as well).

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