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44 s bu Jefferson Nickel


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I recently purchased this nickel and many other coins from a gentleman on e--y.

I was astounded when I flipped the coin over to the reverse and discovered the die crack.

Oh, the green on the obverse is only a reflection of something I was wearing that day.

Overall, I think this coin is very very nice.



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Thanks TG, I think it looks pretty sharp too. Definitely not perfect, but I am very happy with it.


Wow Dutchman, never thought I would find one you would like so much.


VFox, :ninja: thanks for the kudos.


Hey Dock, don't know for sure what they are called, but this one cost a bit more than a dollar, more like 10$, but I am not unhappy with the price at all.


Thanks buddy Dustin!


Howdy, Deadpoint, I like it a lot!


Everyone, I decided to put it in my Dansco album because I think it deserves to not get lost in the foray I call my coin collection.

Thanks so much for taking a look at the fella who built Monticello.



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