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Stop #11 - BiggAndyy


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last post 2008? still no more poosts... um, im I missing something? D:


Abish still has it and so the progress is stalled. I say stalled because I have faith that Abish will send the coin on to me someday soon and then I'll restart the process, with a new list.

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Six years on? A man of faith, for sure. Seems to me that one could at least post something in a few days, nevermind years.


I say start a new series with another coin. "Libby" is gone.


Supposedly Libby is alive and well and living with Abish. She's contacted me quite a while ago and said she'd send the coin on to me to redo the visit lists. But it has never happened. I think she has many things going on in her life at this time and haven't heard from her since then.

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