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A 5 Lei pattern of Romania dated 1922


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;) hello everyone,i am a college student of Shanghai,i started to collect the world coins when i was 12. :ninja: I want to make more friends just like me .I hope we can talk about the coins inthe future.Here is a 5 Lei pattern of Romania dated 1922.It is a brass one.I bought it 4years ago.If u think it is a good coin,u can say something about it.Thanks for looking!



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Now that is interesting indeed: One of the most beautiful German coins (IMO) also shows a woman kneeling in a similar position: http://www.muenzauktion.com/wagnermichael/...d_50pf1950d.jpg


It is somewhat similar to a Swiss pattern (nickel) dated 1931, see the attachment*. And now I see another piece which is almost a duplicate of the Swiss design, but older than that ...




(* not my picture - "borrowed" from jeggy who posted it to muenzen.net a few years ago)


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As I know, these patterns were struck at Huguenin Freres, Le Locle-Switzerland. In Romania they are very rare (more often I saw patterns on ebay than at romanian coin shows, where the prices are 3-4 times higher than on ebay).

Here is another picture of a Cu-Ni pattern of 5 lei 1922 (from transylvanian-numismatics forum: http://transylvanian-numismatics.com/phpBB...c.php?pic_id=42

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