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Weird Military Payment Cert. 1943 Philippines


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Lot's of them.


You should go to Banknotebank.com and check out the collection of Philippine notes there. The Philippine Islands are the largest represented country due to their WWII notes of this and other styles. Nonamateur, Mainer, & Pinoynotes, have the largest number of them, with Mainer having the majority.

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This is a 1943 5 Peso Municipal Issues from Balangiga in the provence of Samar, Phillippines. These were different from the Government authorized Provinical issues in that they were made by local municipalities and after the war were not subject to pay back like the provinical notes were.

Ref# SMR-187

There is an excellent reference about these war time issues. "Philippine Emergency And Guerrilla Currency of World War II; by Neil Shafer. " Don't know if the book is still in print. I have a 1st edtion dated 1974.

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