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Pretty Girls on Banknotes ~ Portugal

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In the early years of the Portuguese Republic Banco De Portugal produced some of the loveliest banknotes printed in Europe during that time. This 50 Centavos from 1920 was the lowest denomination printed for the Bank, and not the mint. There was a necessity for small change notes created by a shortage of coins, and inflation. Here a lovely young woman holds a model ship, emblematic of Portugal's seafaring history. The feminine vignette on the reverse is emblematic of justice, with her scales. This note is P-112b.

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Very colourful designs, coupled with lovely feminine vignettes were the order of the day, the vignette on the front of the note is emblematic of learning and knowledge whilst the reverse is emblematic of art and culture with a young lady holding a lyre. This note is P-113a.

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Congratulations Dave! :ninja:

...now you're going for the contemporary 2.5, 20 and 50 Escudos or for colonial issues?:


Jose ;)


Don't tempt me, at least some of the colonial issues from Mozambique etc. are a bit less pricey than the homeland issues from the same era. Those early BWC notes are hard to find in nice condition, but oh so lovely printings. BWC printed most of the currency for Spain and Portugal during that time and came out with amazing designs that were remarkably well printed.

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I must say that those vignets are simply Beautiful!

Outstanding notes you have there!



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