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Newbie from Ontario Canada

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Can we call you Nick for short?


Do you collect Fishscales too?




Thank you all for the welcome.


Yes, I do collect Fishscales too.

Those are the are the three I'm missing from my collection.

1875, 1884 and 1921


I have three collections going.

The most recent one is all ICCS graded coins. Very good deals on ebay.


Thanks again.

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BTW everyone - I have yet to see any reference to "fishscale" outside of Charlton and suspect that it is at best a regionally used term, and most likely a nickname used by some.


However, I have come across references to the 5c (1910s Vancouver history) as a "jitney".


History is but interpretation... and when one interprets wrongly (especially a non-historian), "history" is changed, sometimes irrevocably.

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