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Mexican coins

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Have some Mexican coins to sell...if I can sell them without taking photos, It'll save me from the Ebay experience...


1964 Mexico mint set in Capital type hard plastic holder...nice unc./BUcoins, the silver peso is toning around the edges


Aftermarket set in mint-type soft plastic including 1963 one and five centavos, 1959 ten and fifty centavos, a 1960 20 centavos, and a silver 1962 peso. All the copper is red, the peso is white with just a little toning on the bottom of the obverse.


Toned copper - probably part of a put together type set at one time. Mostly brown with multi-colored toning Unc./BU coins - very pretty...1964 centavo, 1965 5 centavos, 1970 20 cetavos.


Toned BU 1970 50 centavos


Toned 1966 silver peso


I'd like $25.00 dlvd. for the group...slightly higher if you live outside of the US.

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