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QEII Obverses


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Okay anyone with existing knowledge or a Krause please help me figure this out because there's seems to be no logic to how these obverses are used. There's no standard set of dates for this lot.



Here's the UK Version of it that i know from memory; (Pictures are from Tony Clayton's Website)



The Gillick Obverse (1953-1967) (also including a proof only issued of predecimal coins issued in 1970 to be sold as 'the last predecimal' coin sets.) This obverse is still in use on the Maundy Money produced in the UK as handed out by the Queen.






The Machin Obverse (1968-1984) Now only used on stamps.






The Maklouf Obverse (1985-1997) No longer in use.






The Rank Broadley Obverse (1998-present) Used on all new coins except the Maundy Money which retains the orginal 1953 design.







Are there any countries still out there that still issue new coins bearing the Machin or Maklouf obverses? I believe some countries skipped the Maklouf altogether. Whilst others such as Canada came up with their own...

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I meant no longer in use in the UK. (My post was UK only)



I dare say some country somewhere will still use it. Jersey as far as i know (excepting a few commems) didn't bother with it. Although i'd have to check that.



I'm hoping others can help us figure out this one. It'd be nice to know when everywhere changed and to what.

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1953-1967 coinage (although the dates are varied here and there because coins were only struck every now and again). I can't find who designed the obverse but it's different to the Gillick one. It's of the Queen crowned with wavy hair. Although it's Gillick like.


1968-1997 coinage is almost eclusively of the Machin obverse.


1998+ is Rank Broadley.



(The Maklouf was not used for circulating coinage).

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