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Here are three slightly different angled views of a coin I found yesterday.

As you can see, the mint mark is touching the first 9 in the date stamp.

In the same roll of coins I discovered several other pennies with the date very close to the 9, but no others like this one.


I have not found any special classification for this coin... other than it is mine... :ninja:


Let me know what you all think about it.



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well the mintmarks were all hand punched.. so its just a case of getting the punch too close to the letters


Which means there are probably many more out there...hmmm. Oh well.

Thanks for checking it out. Maybe a mint mark that is actually on the date would be better?

Guess I better keep looking.



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wow nice find!!!! :ninja:


Good morning Dustin... well, it is morning here.

Thanks for the kudos. I think it is a nice find also, but again, not real special.

This one came from a batch I got awhile back. I had separated them into zip bags

with the intention of going through them thoroughly, so got started on them yesterday.

I think I need to get these all out again and give them a really good look.


Take care,


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At that year all the mint marks were hand punched which lead to some being to far from the date, some touching the date, and some being at odd angles. These are knowen as Repunched Mint Marks (Extremely Collectable). So I would hang on to that.

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Repunched Mint Marks (Extremely Collectable). So I would hang on to that.


Wow! you mean I finally found something actually legally collectable? Amazing.

I best get looking at all the others again... there might be more.

The batch I got had about 500 uncirc mems from 59 through 89...

I had found the D over horizontal D in the same batch.


Hey, this has been a better day than I anticipated. :ninja:





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Hey, Dustin and Moneydog,


I checked those 59 d's again and found seven more I had put aside. The mint marks are just a smidgen farther from the first nine in the date. I also checked on coppercoins.com and found them classified as 1959D-1MM-051.

I checked the markers they have for the same coin and I believe my coins have the same markers.


This is definitely a big hoot! :ninja:


The coin dealer I go to is a fellow who was a co-author of the RPM Book published back in 1983. If I can get into the big town this weekend I will have him check them for me to see if he agress with our findings. He has been a bit surprised about some of my finds from this big batch of uncircs... me too!



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its not called a repunched mintmark... thats what happens when the first punch is off... so they punch it again... this is called a misplaced mintmark.


Oh, now, you just want to rain on my little tiny parade :ninja:

That's okay, I'm use to it.

But then again, if you are right you are right.


Why would coppercoins have the same coin on their site with the 1959D-1MM-051...

Guess I won't know for sure until these are examined by that expert I mentioned.

coppercoins.com is moving through this and next month so I won't be able to send any

to them for verification, whether it is real or not.

I do not have the camera equipment that can magnify the coins devices and markers well

enough to be absolutely certain.



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well if it is listed on copper coins as an RPM then it very well may be a re punched mintmark... I just cant see the mintmark under it from the pics provided... if you ever get a chance look through some older cents and note the placement of the mintmark... once you get through about a hundred or so "normal" ones where it is close to where it is supposed to be you will be able to pick out the ones that are off one way or another more easily. There are some dates where the engravers seemed to be drunk...or new hires or something...because you can find many misplaced and re punched mintmarks...1960 D is a good year....

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(((engravers seemed to be drunk)))


You mean like the stripers who painted the fog line on one of our county roads? If I followed that line I would surely be pulled over as a suspect of drunk driving.


Yep, I am going back through every one of these 59, 60 and 61's again. That big batch I got had numerous error coins.


The following have been verified by Tom Miller (of The RPM Book by Wexler and Miller)...

There are two 61D Coneca RPM-002, triple D having a horizontal D under the vertical D being both east and west tilted. Then there are two 1961D-1MM-001, Coneca D/D/D rotated west and tilted RPM-001.

It has been so much fun finding these, and I am sure there are more to be found. Gee real error cents... didn't think I would find anything that could be classified.


I do wish I could get a clearer enlargement of the 59 d to show what I can see under 15x. Arrghh.

I once found four 1980's era (can't remember exactly which year right now) that I discovered mint marks that started out in the normal range and gradually got very close to the mint mark. Although I am fairly certain they were from different dies I tought interesting to see how they were placed.


Thanks for checking this out, and I will get back to everyone after I have a chance to get to the coin shop... over 35 miles away and driving in some of the worse crowded highway conditions in the bay area. The traffic keeps me from going that direction more times than not.



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