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Take My Junk Away! Auction


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Opening Bid: $0.99


BIN: $5.00


Shipping: $1.30*, will combine multiple wins/purchases

Shipping weight: approx. 2 oz.


Auction End: December 2, ~noon



You will be bidding some junk/filler coins that I found in my office!! :ninja: These make great pocket pieces, album fillers, and table levellers!!! ;) What you will receive in this auction are six very seasoned historical coins from the United States of America!!! ;) You will receive: 1936 Indian Head Buffalo Nickel, 1946 Jefferson Nickel, two NO DATE 2 cent pieces, 1897 Indian Head cent, and a 1892 Indian Head cent!!!


These coins are worth thou$and$ of dollars in Uncirculated condition!!!!!! But let's face it...these are almost as low as you can get, so bid accordingly! ;)


Thanks for looking!




*U.S. shipments only. International shipments are actual costs based on packaging weight and import restrictions/requirements. Refer to the United States Post Office website and select your country of origin for import restrictions and requirements. And the USPS shipping calculator for an approximate shipping charge.





Closeup!!! LARGE FILE (5MB)

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