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$20 bill with airplane on back


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I just saw an ad on Craigslist for a US 20 dollar bill that has an airplane on the reverse. The plane is on the right side of the reverse.... The guy is looking for information on it, rather than trying to sell it.....



Does anyone here know anything about it so I might be able to pass info along to him.... His post says that the plane looks like it was put on at the time the bill was printed......

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The only one I can think of is the series 1914 large size $20 FRN, which primarily has a locomotive and ship, though it does have a plane flying over in the background (I have no idea why someone would focus on a background detail while ignoring the major components of the design though). Otherwise there were none that I know of, as after this issue the $20 note depicted the White House on the back.

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the plane is small and on the right side of the note..... lol......






you can check out the ad there...... :ninja:

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Cool. I didnt think it was something that was part of the original design. Im gonna email the guy and let him know..... :ninja:



Thank you for the info

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I have a similar $20 bill, but the small airplane is on the obverse next to the word, "TWENTY."  It also has a grey handshake on the reverse right side of the bill.  This is a 2004 Series.  Were these stamps added after printing?


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I added an image.
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