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You win a high-value auction and they send you NOTHING


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OK get this, I had a nice auction win a month or so ago of what looked like some very high grade (possibly UNC) Pennies of Victoria which could be worth a fortune but I only got them for a pittance..

First off, there was a slight problem with the invoices where I had won two of the same item and he says it was an ebay error (I think he was honest about this) and the same item got listed twice. Fair enough. I had a lot of trouble getting him to correct the invoice and he only did give me a fair invoice when I told ebay about it. So after at least a couple of weeks I get and pay for the invoice.... Over three weeks later, I am still waiting for the coins! Surprise surprise!? I have since realised a serious error in his listings in that the coin listed as a 1900 penny has Victoria's young head on it. The one listed 1892 had a veiled head (I think this one is right?). And the other is just a common 1887 Sixpence. Now the pennies are obviously worth a lot uncirculated and shiny so I don't blame him for wanting to keep them, but is this trading fair? Or could he have been more honest and simply not take my money?


What do you think, and should he have sent me the coins or not?

Should not auctions be an opportunity to have a big win every now and then?


I'm miffed, but should I just let him off? Frankly, after messing me about and taking my dosh off me I don't feel like being pleasant with him... :ninja:

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