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Just Found-Close Centered Double Strike


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I found this CCDS in a 1984 original bank roll. This coin could grade MS66 or higher. My opinion is it will grade higher. The doubling appears 2x or 3x doubled, so the coin must have been double struck more than once. I will be honest, I don't know much about this error so I could be seeing a normal double strike.







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unfortuneately that is not a double strike... but it is called a die clash... it occurs when the 2 dies that strike coins come together and hit each other without a coin in the way... this leaves an reversed impression in the opposite die... much less valuable then a double strike but still very neat... this particular example is one of the hardest die clashes I have ever seen... and it appears to have happened a couple of times...and that die pair was prob. retired shortly after... neat coin

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