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Small diameter lincoln penny


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I have a 1927 penny that has a smaller diameter than the usual penny. If I sit the small penny on another 1927 penny the rim of the regular penny is still exposed. Also the pennies are the same thickness, and the print on the smaller penny is proportioned to its size (not normal print). Is the penny a conterfeit? Is it somehow a miss struck? Has anyone heard of a small diameter penny?



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It was likely modified somehow after leaving the mint. A long time ago I worked for a company that service laundromats and I would find coins in the drums of the dryers that were similar in appearance, after rolling around awhile.


Also possible that it got an acid bath at sometime that took away some of the bronze.

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Its not only that the diameter of the penny is smaller put the print also it is proportioned to the coin?

It sure would be interesting to see a photo of this coin.


One possibility is this coin was "shrunk" using a strong magnetic field.

Click on this link for examples of shrunken coins and an explanation of the process. Wouldn't these make cool gifts?

While it doesn't sound like your coin has been shrunken nearly as much, it could be someone's experiment of this amazing effect.

(However, these coins do get thicker proportional to their reduction.)



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After doing research over the last few days I found the website for the guy that shrinks coins so I thought that was what had happened but the width is the same as a regular penny so I do not believe that it has been shrunk. I think I am going to take it to a pro today to look at it. Is it possible tht it is counterfeit?

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