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Are eaby coin lots worth the effort?


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Ebay is full of "buy it now" or "high bidder wins" lots of US Coins. The lots I'm refering to are the ones that say you will get one or two each of each denomination, and they list each coin type. But in these lots you don't know what date or condition each coin is in, and are often claimed as coming from an unsearched collection.


So, basically, you know what you're getting, but then you don't.


I feel there are too many of these lots on ebay, and I think they shouldn't be allowed on ebay. I say sellers should take pictures of the exact coins you will recieve, and stop trying to get more than the coins are actually worth.


Does anyone else agree?

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It's hard to say. There are some honest sellers there and you can never know what you find. The thing is, sometimes in rare times you will never know what you can find. Last time I won a lot of CORRODED Russian copper coins lot and I only bid it by looking a small sample of it. There is one coin in there that essentially paid off the whole lot that I paid for. It's still under investigation as it is likely to be extremely scarce if not rare and so far, it seems to be more rare than what I realize.

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