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When I lived in Maryland my brother and I used to haunt the excavations at St. Mary's city down in S. Maryland when the archaeologists were digging there. Talking to some of them, especially about coins, they said they had found things like 17th century English tokens, and other oddments that really didn't belong there, but must have been found in England and brought over as souvenirs.


Similarly Roman coins have turned up in English shipwrecks, one in Bermuda that I can recall. But they used to dredge up the river banks for ballast for the cross Atlantic journey, and the coins must have been in the stuff dredged up.

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I have an idea in years past they used to put a Coin on the corner stone for good luck. There have been many found in England. Thats my idea about it.


Interesting, especially if there is a traditional precedent. Still, I find that an extremely old coin for an early American farmer to have, much less put under a foundation.

Out here, an Elizabethan sixpence was unburied at an Indian site near where Sir Francis Drake is purported to have landed in 1579. The current theory is that Drake gave this coin to a local tribe during his visit.

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