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Grading ,variety and value


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Hi all

The attached coins I have picked up over the years and would appreciate assistance on grade,variety and value (red book?)

I've left the grades as AG until the forum advises otherwise.

Although predominantly a UK Copper specialist the large cents have an appeal to me ....I suspect it is due to the shape and feel being similar to George 1 copper :ninja:


Thanks in anticipation





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Those are some nice looking coins I love copper of any grade or any kind.


These figures all come from the 2008 Red Book.


For the first Liberty Head 1847 I grade it AU-50 with a price of $120.00


The 1855 I grade it MS-63 with a price of $275.00


Hope that helps..............Doug

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Thank you Korky and Doug.

I grade conservativly and there is wear on both coins (albeit slight on the 1855) so I was thinking along the lines of NEF & EF.

Both coins though have great eye appeal.

I would add that the total paid for the coins was £9 & £14 respectivly

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