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1934 D VAM 3 The Easiest VAM to Cherrypick

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Hey gang! I have prob cherry picked 20 or so of this particular doubled die obverse. This is a very easy coin to spot and most dealers don't pay attention to it. I once picked 5 at one show...Here is what you should look for.


This is a nice unc example.





The easiest way to spot them is to look at the profile. Notice the doubled forehead.




Next look at the "D" in GOD and then the entire motto.




Finally the neatest part of the doubled die. Notice the extra spikes in the crown especially towards the back of the crown. This is the most doubled area. This coin is one of the most doubled peace dollar doubled dies... and can still be easily picked if you know what your looking for.



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A regular 1934-D is one of the only coins left in that series that I need. Since I've got to find one of those, I'll keep these diagnostics in mind. Thanks, Matt

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